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"A life aint a life unless you live it"

About me!

Scottish Wedding Photography

I'm a Scottish photographer, Fiancé and father of two!

I love all things hip hop, Tattoos and American juice. (The juice thing is a bit of a problem)

When it comes to weddings I like to keep it fun and creative. Nae cheesy poses, just cool cats doing their thing.

Chatting to guests and making everyone feel comfortable.


"They are so beautiful! Everyone has said you where such a great photographer and I'm going to sing your praises to anyone who will listen"

Scottish Wedding Photographer

Being outside

There's nothing better than getting lost in the woods with the family which seems to be a daily occurrence for us.

We're a really adventurous bunch and love setting off to discover what wonders surround us and then running back home for as much hot chocolate as we can handle.

Scottish Wedding Photographer

When I'm not taking photos?



You will find me drinking way too much coffee, smashing through a great TV series (don't be shy to throw some recommendations my way) listening to Wu Tang Clan and Mac Miller and as my Fiancé would say, spending way to much time talking about trainers.

Scottish Wedding Photographer Lewis MacMichael
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